5 March 2021

The new Gelato d’Italia factory has been inaugurated

On Monday March 1st the new Gelato d’Italia factory was inaugurated with the presence of Stefano Bonaccini, President of Emilia Romagna, and Alessio Mammi, Regional Councilor for Agro-food of Emilia Romagna. Furthermore the Mayor of Cavriago, the Mayor of Reggio Emilia and the President of Unindustria also took part at the ceremony.

The production plant, which represents an important expansion and modernization of the historic factory, will allow to increase the production by more than 50% and to better address the ambitious business development plans.

The new factory has been completely built by local companies and it is technologically advanced, both from an industrial and an environmental point of view: it is equipped with a modern thermal power plant and with a solar panel roof that significantly improve its energy efficiency.

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