28 June 2021

Gelato d’Italia launches the Team Leader Academy

Making good ice creams is not improvised, it is a craft that is learned and that is even more complex in a context of high flexibility such as that of Gelato d’Italia’s productions. Indeed, continuous training in the classroom and on the job, is a fundamental tool for preparing and specializing competent and professional talents, ready to carry out their duties with the best possible preparation.

The strong growth of Gelato d’Italia has revealed, for instance, the criticality of the role of the Team Leader who is responsible for a production line and the group of people who manage it. “It is a complex role that requires a balanced mix of soft and hard skills to obtain the excellent results of quality and efficiency that the market asks us” says Luigi Penello the Production Manager of the Cavriago plant. “Today we are an important reality in the area, able to offer real opportunities for professional growth for many young people in a dynamic and motivating work environment” adds Verena Iori HR Manager.

For this reason, Gelato d’Italia will soon present an innovative training project, the Team Leader Academy, which will train young professionals ready to enter the job market with skill and competence. If you are interested, get ready to find out more about this new project soon.

Stay tuned!

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