28 May 2021

The drive towards innovation

In May Gelato d’Italia has introduced in the market over 100 new products for this year and many other innovations will arrive in the upcoming months.

Also 2021 has began in the name of innovation, with the whole team committed to responding to the request for novelty that strongly recurred even in this year of recovery.

To date, about 40% of the company’s turnover comes from new products and 18 are the countries of destination for ice-creams that also travel to Australia, the United States and South Korea.

Now Gelato d’Italia is facing the most intense period of work, summertime, but it is already moving in the right direction: the CEO Marco Pellegrino says “the ice cream world shows a strong desire to start over. Our Sales and R&D Teams did a fantastic job, now is showtime for the Production Team”.

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